Day 416

Woke up today in the house, figured I’d wake up sick because of being here haha, and I was. I just had excessive sneezing, but I took a Zyrtec & it eventually passed. We went down to Crysti’s place for breakfast – we had eggs, biscuits, hash browns, and then there was bacon too… haha.

Basically spent majority of the day watching Swamp People.. I think that’s what the show was called? I dunno.. A bunch of gator hunters in Louisiana. What crazy people they all are. Couldn’t even understand half of them like what they were saying, just so bad LOL. It was like so terrible, but couldn’t look away…

Some point late afternoon we all ran down to the store in Mt Ida to get some groceries. Then later it was just Monte & I up at the house and I was at the sink and noticed two cats outside in the back yard, so I decided to go open the back door to have a look at them. So I go and try to open the back door, had to tug and pull on it, wasn’t sure if it was always stuck or what.. But eventually yanked it open. The cats were pretty far away, a black cat, and the cat that looks like Joey, but apparently isn’t… haha.

Then I looked over to the side at where there’s a random old toilet sitting out there, like right by the door. When I looked there I noticed this like black pipe/hose type thing behind it and thought ‘oh, that’s a weird place for a hose?’ then I followed it with my eyes back towards the door right where I was, and noticed it went from being a hose looking thing, into a like point at the end… Straight away I went ‘OHHH….’ so I shut the door and said to Monte “So uh, there’s a snake out there..” LOL. He got up and came and opened the door again to take a look. By that time though the snake had slowly moved off a bit further into the high grass by the house, but he still saw a bit of it. It was just a rat snake apparently, it was a huge ass big black snake lol. Crazy stuff. Now I’ve seen my first ever wild snake! Haha!

I’m guessing it was probably just hanging out right there by the door, but with my pulling and yanking of the door to try and open it, I must have scared it off luckily. I probably would have freaked out a little if I opened the door up and there was a snake RIGHT THERE!

Apparently Monte also found snake skin IN the house, so that’s just bloody awesome! D: NOT. Kind of freaked out about that now lol. Alone in the house one day and I may suddenly spot a snake, yeah, I’d freak. LOL.

Anywhoo, went back to Crysti’s again for dinner. Watched the basketball game, Mavs won. We also made home made ice cream too, so we ate that lol. Was pretty good, but I think I had too much. Too much cream intake for me in one go.

Tired now, going to head off to sleep. Don’t get any sleep in in the mornings unfortunately, as soon as the sun comes out it’s insanely bright through my bedroom window, even with the blinds. I can’t get the blinds to face upwards instead of down either, I think they’re broken. D: Night!

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