Day 417

Slept in today a little bit, despite the blasting sun light through the window..

When I went to have cereal, from the box of Special K that we bought at Christmas time – it hadn’t been opened, however it expired Feb 21st, 2011. LOL. Still ate it though, tasted fine…. Should I be concerned at all? Haha!

Laid back in bed and played on my DS for a bit before deciding to watch I Am Number Four. Interesting movie, I’m kind of interested in the book now, according to Wikipedia’s description of the novel/series it’s quite different from the movie version, so that could be something to look into. The second book comes out August 23rd too..

Went out for a quick trip to Mt Ida with Monte. He was looking at some tractors & stuff. Went to True Value, then we went to the “Dairyette” for lunch. Mozzarella sticks, FTW! Really need to start Holy Cheezus so I can have some of them in Australia! HAHA.

After coming home I finished watching the movie, cause I was only half way through it when we went out. Tonight we went down to Crysti’s for dinner. I saw a rabbit out the front of our place when we were heading down there lol. Waiting to see the deer!! C’mon deer!

Watched the Wedding Crashers down at Crysti’s place, then came up and that’s that. Going to watch a movie & head off to bed now, night!

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