Day 418


Can’t remember really when the day began, but we all went out to Hot Springs. Hit up Wal-Mart, got lots of groceries and stuff. I stocked up majorly on frozen veggies with cheese sauce, MMM! Good stuff. Can’t even remember what else I bought… Ben & Jerry’s…. Squeezable strawberry jam…. One banana… LOL. Random stuff!

Then we came home, ate some food. I watched Funny People, which really wasn’t all that funny…. Sad right? Adam Sandler’s movies are just becoming too depressing! I guess that’s what the movie kind of touches on, how he’s not the ‘funny’ generation anymore, and having Seth Rogen & Jonah Hill in it kind of makes it like he’s handing the torch over to them haha. New humor styles and everything.

Also watched S1E2 of True Blood, currently watching E3 right now too. Went down to Crysti’s for dinner. A bunch of her friends came over, all with their kids. So there was a crazy amount of kids running around. One of the girls asked Crysti how old I was. Crysti said 19, then the girl was just all ‘No way. Nuh uh.” and we laughed, then I go nah, I’m really only 15. “Oh good, well that’s more like it. There’s no way you’d be 19!” Then we all laughed super hard, then told her I actually REALLY AM 19. She was just 😮 😮 :O! Didn’t believe it haha. So she went around asking like everyone who walked by how old they thought I was. Pretty much everyone said around 15. But a few of them said 12. Apparently Lyndsey and I look a-like and they would all mistake us for each other. Kind of sad that I could be mistaken for my 12 year old niece, who really has no blood relation to me so how can we look that much a-like! LOL.

It was saddening how young everyone thought I was 😦 People were shocked when they learned I was actually 19. 😦 Haha!

Anywhoo, ate lots of food, and lots of yummy desert. Played spoons and some other card games with Lyndsey. AND NO ONE HERE KNOWS THE GAME SNAP! Like really people?! REALLY?! It’s snap! It’s like the first card game we ever learn! I was in shock that they didn’t know snap. So I taught them snap. LOL.

Whitley was playing the Nintendo DS game all night trying to get a high score thing, then Lyndsey had a turn too, so I said I’ll beat you both on my first turn! And I did 😛 So Whitley kept playing for a few more hours just to beat my score LOL. Then when she got close, I played it again, and made the score even higher. 😛 Never even played that game before haha! What a win for me.

Lyndsey has decided to keep trying to poke my face, so I fought back! I hit my hand real hard on her elbow accidentally and it friggen hurt haha it was like an instant bruise. I apologized to Crysti in advance in case I end up punching Lyndsey in the next few months, LOL. Not that I would actually know how to punch someone haha.

Anywhoo, back to watching my show now. Night!

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