Day 419

Woke up this morning, basically right as Crysti’s car pulled up out front. Not even sure what time that was lol. Had breakfast, then began the day of ‘chilling’.

Basically blinked and it was 3pm, no clue how that happened. Monte went out and bought a ride on mower today, so he mowed the yard, before hitting a rock and breaking something on it. LOL. Taylor did around the house with another smaller thingy, forgot what it’s called haha. So now hopefully I shouldn’t see no more snakes…

The internet’s being really choppy, like worse today than any other day, and it sucks!

Monte also fixed Taylors Xbox today, pulled the whole thing apart & fixed the hard drive thing haha, it was like Xbox surgery. But it works now. There’s one on eBay apparently with the same problem for $10. I said we should buy it now, fix it, and sell it for like $100 😛 PROFIT!

Anywhoo… Had pizza for dinner while watching the Dallas vs Miami game at Crysti’s house. It was some pretty damn good pizza too… Oh, and Dallas won, so they won the finals, won the whole thing! Yay! I was falling asleep in the last 10 minutes, and around the 1min mark Monte was cheering loudly and I think I jumped back awake haha. Now the Mavs have finally won, let’s make sure the Canucks can finally win the Stanley Cup for once too! Underdogs, all the way!

Falling asleep again now, so I think I may go sleep, don’t know if I’ll watch anything haha. Night!

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