Day 420

Don’t remember when I woke up, but I stayed in bed and played on my DS. Crysti came up probably around 11 or so after she’d finished work. The kids came up shortly afterwards too.

Around 12.30 or 1pm-ish maybe, not sure, Monte left to go back to Texas. Then maybe half hour later or so Crysti & the kids went back down to their place, and I began hauling my stuff from one room to the other. Much more space in the big room now haha.

I was laying on the couch watching True Blood when Lyndsey ran in and said they were going to basketball practice, wanna go? So I did. It was interesting watching their practice, I was pretty confused with half of their drills and stuff lol looked really confusing. And the stadium thingy was soo hot inside, it sucked. The seats weren’t very comfortable though. But it was alright.

Went to Bobs food place & the dollar store afterwards, then came back to Crysti’s and yeah. Tried to find her blender, but no luck 😦 No smoothies until we buy another one D:

Lyndsey has been trying to poke my face for a few days now. Tonight she was trying again, but my ninja reflexes were winning for the most part. At one point I grabbed her arm and pushed her down on the couch like they do in COPS and stuff on the police cars, like the arm behind the back to arrest them LOL. Gave her that ‘anything you say and do can be used against you…’ speech, with the assistance of Crysti because I didn’t know how it all went haha.

When I was about to leave, I was saying something to Crysti or something like that, when Lyndsey managed to poke me smack bang RIGHT in the eye! It stung like a bitch! Like big time! It was super sore and itchy lol took quite a few minutes of rinsing and rubbing it before it stopped hurting lol. Funny though. It felt really weird like I saw it when it was really close and it felt like slow motion. Just gross haha.  Funny stuff.

I drove the Expedition – Crysti’s old car – up to the house tonight too. That was interesting. Haven’t driven here alone before lol. I sat in the car after I pulled up here at the house too to make sure everything was correctly in park and what not, didn’t want it to go rolling away in the middle of the night, that’d be awkward.

But yeah, not much else. Watched another episode of True Blood tonight as well, and now I think I’ll be off to bed. Night!

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