Day 421

Woke up in a big bed! It was comfy! But my allergies went off. Need to vacuum the place I think… attack all those dead lady bugs.

Had breakfast and chilled for a bit, then headed down to Crysti’s place. Lyndsey was watching a Pretty Little Liars marathon today so I was watching that for a few hours too.

Found some huge ticks on Pepper today, so I held her down while Lyndsey picked most of them off. So gross lol. They were huge! Ticks are just disgusting… Ick.

This afternoon we headed out to Crystal Springs beach.. I think that’s what it was called? But apparently it was still dirty or something from the floods and the kids didn’t want to swim there, so we headed over to the pool at Mt Harbor…… I think that’s where it was anyways.. LOL. So the kids swam, it was entertaining. I didn’t wanna swim, pfft.

We were only there for probably an hour before heading home. Got back here & watched the new Pretty Little Liars episode! Yay! Then ate some pretty yummy food. Cheesy biscuits were so good!

After that I headed back up to the house to try and get the Wii to work playing videos. But apparently it needs some ‘Wii Video 9’ application thingy downloaded and put on to it… but can’t download, so that’s a fail and effort.. Sad. I’ll find a way to make it work.. Hopefully. It’s that or a converter I think. Both of which I can’t download haha.

Anywhoo, getting tired now. Might head up and go to bed soon…. Or I’ll watch this episode of How I Met Your Mother.. LOL. Laters!

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