Day 422


Woke up around 8, but managed to sleep in a bit more until around 9. Eventually got up & ate breakfast & then decided to vacuum the house to get all those damn bugs! I’m getting that wheezing thing like I had over Christmas & the crazy sneezing & coughing. It’s just no fun!

Lyndsey came up while I was cleaning, then eventually we drove back down to their place.

We brought my hard drive thinking maybe it’ll play on the Xbox, but that didn’t work either. Sucky.

So we came back up to the house to try & sync it with the Wii. Still no luck. So we ended up playing like James Bond/Zombieland/Jurrasic Park with the wasps outside & the bug spray cans. LOL.

Three hours later we were still going. It was surprisingly entertaining. We think they’re living in the hood of the Jimmy. That’s where they were crawling into anyways. So I ended up climbing over the passenger side door to drive cause I didn’t wanna deal with the bugs! Ugh! Oh, forgot to mention, I got stung by a wasp yesterday. Like sort of but not totally. I don’t think it got to give me the full sting cause my water bottle squirted in the air & I think that saved me. But there was a tiny sting, nothing too much. I also have something on my neck that I’ve had there a few days now. It’s like a circle. I think it’s like ring worm or something. Ew.

Eventually we came back down to Crysti’s. Watched some TV and stuff. Then I felt pretty tired so I came back up to the house and watched some True Blood while laying/almost napping on the couch.

Later Crysti texted me saying they were going to the pool, so I drove down here & off we went to the pool. Still didn’t swim, haha. We weren’t there too long, then came back here. Now I’m at Crysti’s & gonna head back to the house soon & lay down. This allergy asthma thing is coming back & it sucks. Laters!

Oh, by the way. It’s the final game for the Stanley Cup!! GO CANUCKS GO!!

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