Day 423

Late blog! Well late for the past week or so. Normally I’d be asleep by now!

Anywhoo! Woke up & cleaned up a little more cause I was still sick. I think it’s this room to be honest. Stuff everywhere. Under the bed has so much stuff, I’m too scared to clean it because I can just see a snake living in there….. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Lyndsey says this house just has ‘snake’ written all over it. LOL.

I watched an episode of True Blood, and ate my breakfast, then headed down to Crysti’s place. Crysti was watching TV or sleeping or something in her room, and the kids were watching a movie in Taylors room. When I walked in the door Tessa ran up to me covered in pen and said “Hi! I circled all of my cuts!” LOL. Well done.

I played Speed with Tessa for awhile, then Lyndsey realized I was there later after Crysti had come out and was talking to me. Then I think Lyndsey played speed with me too.

Ryan & Whitley came over too to spend the night. We all went over to the pool at Mt Harbor again. Played an epic game of Marco Polo. I still didn’t swim, but I was playing outside LOL. Lyndsey was calling marco and came after me out of the pool. I ran to the other side of the pool and Lyndsey ended up tripping on one of the sun chairs, then made her way around to the other side. LOL. We ended up getting her trapped in the corner between lots of sun chairs, it was hilarious.

Whitley was up at one point as well for calling marco and Lyndsey and I made a run for the gate. LOL. She came after us though again by the pool and I’m surprised neither Lyndsey or I fell in the pool because we ran so fast and jumped the sun chairs, it was crazy lol. It was a very good game of Marco Polo. LOL.

Came back to Crysti’s and didn’t do too much for awhile. Played Speed again with Tessa, Lyndsey & Whitley before dinner. Then we all sat around the fire outside and made smores. So good! Then we played on the trampoline for a bit, tried to get Tessa into the hoop because we’d lost the ball. LOL.

Then we all sat around the table and played an epic few games of spoons. Good fun good fun. Now I’m back up at the house, Lyndsey & Whitley are spending the night up here too on the couch. Whitley is like deathly allergic to wasps, so she’s got like an emergency kit thing, epipen and all. And there’s all those wasps outside, so she gave Lyndsey & I a lesson in what to do if she gets stung. We both decided we want to be the one to stab her in the leg with the epipen. LOL. I think that will be very time consuming, us arguing over who will stab her leg 😛 haha. But in all seriousness, we even wrote out a step by step list with instructions on what to do. And everything is set out on the table just in case. Pretty interesting stuff really. I’m sure we wont have to use it, but you know, better safe than not!

I think my allergies turned into a cold, cause my sinuses have felt pretty blocked & I’ve got the coughing & sneezing, so I got some cold medicine from Crysti, it’s like stuff you put into a cup of water and heat it and then drink it. Tasted so bad LOL. We put some honey in it to make it taste better. But eventually I managed to drink the whole thing, so hopefully it helps. I’m over having a cold.

You know, I also had the thought tonight that perhaps I got super sick over Christmas here because of the cigarette smoke. Because in Canada I really was like NEVER around it, except passing people on the street maybe rarely. So really my body had finally become smoke free. Then I guess when I came at Christmas and everyone was smoking a shit load as normal, I wasn’t ready for that and maybe that’s why I got so sick.. As well as the dust & lady bugs. So same for this time around, this house is just full of constant smoke I’m sure, it’s probably like sunken into the bed & couches. Hopefully by the end of the 2 months, I’ll be used to it again….. Ho hum!

Anyways, night!

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