Day 424

Hi hi. Early blog, because I’ve just been asleep on the couch for a few hours, and feeling super tired still so might head off to bed pretty early..

Anyways, ended up spending the morning juggling with the girls LOL. Trying to teach them how to juggle. Then we watched Easy A, ate crackers, stuff like that. Eventually headed on down to Crysti’s again.

I watched some show there for a bit with Crysti, but was feeling pretty tired so I came back up here and laid on the couch watching True Blood. I fell asleep though for a few hours, and that’s where I’m at now lol. Just woke back up. Going to head back down to Crysti’s in a few minutes with the internet box, then I’ll probably just head off to bed. Don’t know why I feel so tired – I think it’s this damn cold. D:

So yep, short & simple blog, I know.. Night!

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