Day 425


Woke up & watched True Blood this morning before heading down to Crysti’s place. Played speed with Lyndsey for a bit, then moved on to the Xbox to play Call Of Duty where we went on a zombie killing spree…

Later in the afternoon we all headed out to Fiddlers creek, pretty sure that’s what it was called. Right away when we got there we saw a water snake swimming in the water. That’s the 3rd snake I’ve seen in a week now, because last night driving home from Crysti’s I drove by a snake, which apparently was the copper head. I didn’t kill it though because Mum used to say how snakes get caught on the wheel of the car and what not, and that freaked me out. So when I pulled up at the house I wasn’t sure if I had accidentally run it over or not, so I had panicked and freaked out while getting out of the car LOL.

Anyways! They had this rope swing thing there which was pretty neat. I didn’t get in though, even if I had planned to I probably wouldn’t have after seeing the snake in the water! But the kids and Kenny all got in lol so that was fun.

After that we went to Ted & Mary’s place, I think? Everyone who came over to Crysti’s last weekend was there, kids and all. So that was cool. I had alphabet spaghetti for dinner, and I made my name out of the letters 🙂 I swear it’s not possible that I’m turning 20 this year… LOL.

We played with the football outside for a bit, and we also played speed again inside lol. When it got dark, we all played hide & seek around the field. It was pretty cool. Whitley, Lyndsey & I hid out the back of the field. I didn’t realize you had to get back to the base in this game, so I wasn’t aware that’s where we were headed. We were almost spotted and Whitley was too far from us at that point and so she went one way and Lyndsey & I dropped to the ground to hide. LOL. We rolled over to the fence line to blend in with the grass, but it didn’t work. I don’t even remember the last time I ran around so much. LOL.

I got picked on by small children inside the house too. LOL. Tessa was on my side though, she saved me haha! Good fun. After all the running around I laid on the porch and didn’t want to move lol. I ended up becoming the human ‘pillow pet’ because I had Whitley, Lyndsey & Blake all laying on me. Jacklyn tried to join in as well, but she wanted to sit on my head. LOL. We kept telling her she can’t sit on my head…. but she was like no no no I can I can! Can I? I’m like nooo you can’t sit on my head!! Ahaha funny. I think we laid out there for a good hour or so, well it felt like that anyways, no clue how long it was. But we were there until we all ended up leaving at the end, which must have been around 11pm or so. Maybe even later. I have no idea..

Everyone headed home then, we traded Tessa & Taylor for Whitley & Sidnie tonight, and now I’ve got Lyndsey, Whitley & Sidnie all up here sleeping in the lounge room lol. We tried to not stay up too late, but it just happened. I’ve sent them all to bed now though lol I’m just blogging then off to bed! We’re supposed to be up early tomorrow to meet everyone at Amie’s house for breakfast before going floating. So I should go to sleep now… Yep! Night!

P.S… I’m hoping I spelt everyones name right, I stalked Facebook to make sure I spelt it right LOL. Yes Crysti, I had to stalk your photos! 😛 Thinking it is all good anyways. Laters!

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