Day 426

The day began super early, don’t remember when. But Lyndsey came in and woke me saying Crysti had called. So we got ready and headed down to the house for breakfast. We ate, and got all our stuff packed and sorted, canoes on the cars, then off we went! We stopped at Bobs & Family Dollar for some food stuffs.

Went over to Amie’s place to meet up with everyone else, then we all set off to go floating. Lyndsey, Sidnie, Whitley & I got to sit on the back of a truck like on the tray/tailgate bit while we drove down to the river. Pretty fun lol. Got to the river, got everything sorted and got everyone in the water!

I was in one of the canoes with Lyndsey & Kenny. Floating was pretty fun, except I got sunscreen in my eye and it was hurting for hours. Still kind of stings a bit right now but nothing like it did earlier. It sucked. I was basically paddling with my eyes closed! But eventually it eased up enough.

I think we were out there for like 6 hours. Stopped a couple of times to swim & eat and what not. Also stopped our canoe in places so Kenny & Lyndsey could fish. They caught a few fish too but released them all.

Floating by the way is seriously just get in something and float down the river… Everyone else was in blow up tube things and just literally floating down the river lol. Then there was two canoes as well.

All up though, floating is actually a super cool way to spend a day. So relaxing. Screw internet haha.

Afterwards everyone was pretty worn out, we rode in the back of the truck back up to the house and then basically all headed home from there. So now I’m home, and had a nice warm shower. Chucked my clothes in the wash. I’m about to go back down to Crysti’s now too. Don’t know what the go is for the rest of the night, it’s already pretty late I think. I think Lyndsey was talking about coming up here again tonight, dunno. Anywhooo! Laters!

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