Day 428


I woke up around 10, came out to the lounge but Lyndsey was still asleep, surprisingly! Normally she’s always awake early lol. So I went back to my room & watched True Blood.

When it was over I came back out & Lyndsey had just woken up! What a sleep in for her lol. We got ready & came back down to Crysti’s.

Played some speed & zombie killing on Call Of Duty. Watched some TV. Just the usual. Then Kenny came home early from work & we all went to Hot Springs.

Went to the bank, and the guitar store & game store for Taylor. Then we went to Walmart where I bought a whole heap of crap lol. Bought DVDs to burn movies to, except I don’t thinking have a DVD burner! Lame…

Came home, put up the groceries, and chilled. Watching Pretty Little Liars now. Whitley, Sidnie & Ryan are all over tonight too. Full house!

Not much else really, night!

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