Day 429


I didn’t sleep very well, up most of the night sneezing severely. I even have a cut on my face from all the sneezing tissues I guess… Crazy.

Watched two episodes of True Blood this morning before coming down to Crystis. Ryan, Whitley & Sidnie were heading off then so I said bye, then watched some TV and played zombies with Lyndsey.

Went out to Hot Springs this afternoon, Taylor & Lyndsey had a doctors appointment, so we went there. While they went in with Crysti, Tessa & I were in the waiting room & watched Charlottes Web. Then we were still bored after & named all the animals on the wall after people we know haha. I was the lonesome random koala!

Anywho, afterwards we went to Kroger, then home. Don’t really remember what else happened then. Had dinner, and just went firefly hunting outside but no luck. Taylor scared Lyndsey & she dropped the glass container thing & now thats over lol. Gonna finish watching What Happens In Vegas & then head off to bed I guess. Night!

p.s, it’s also Jazz’s 10th birthday! Well technically yesterday in Aus but today here! Happy Birthday Jazz!

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