Day 433

HELLO! I’m back šŸ˜‰

So Friday night we went camping, it was Crysti, Lyndsey, Tessa, Taylor, Ryan, Whitley & myself that night. Crysti & Tessa slept in the small tent, and the rest of us were in the bigger tent. We had s’mores that night by the fire too. It was dark pretty quick when we got there so not much happened that night.

Oh, we went to go to the toilets, which were seriously just like out houses, just the hole in the ground basically.. Crysti & Tessa went, but Lyndsey & I were waiting outside and saw some huge spiders and bugs and I just couldn’t do it LOL. Nor could Lyndsey. Lyndsey went bush, I just suffered through the night šŸ™‚

Sleeping that night sucked. It was so friggen hot. I didn’t end up falling asleep until about 5am. And I ended up waking up & getting out of the tent by 7.30am. It was just so hot in there, with the 5 of us, and not much of a breeze until the early hours of the morning. I also wasn’t comfortable at all. We were sleeping on inflatable pool toys LOL. Like the pool lounges, small ones, from the dollar store. šŸ™‚ HAHA. Like, they worked. But just wasn’t comfortable. If it had been much cooler it would have been better.

I slept on one end, then it was Lyndsey, Whitley, Ryan, then Taylor. Whitley sleep walks, and Lyndsey sleeps all over the place. So through the night Lyndsey kept hitting me a few times LOL. And at one point, Whitley got out of bed, turned around, and dived back in to her bed basically. LOL. And either Taylor or Ryan were making some weird noise while they slept. I clearly had a lot of time on my hands that night laying there trying to fall asleep haha. So I discovered all this stuff!

Anywhoo, the next morning it was still pretty hot. Taylor was up first I think, then Lyndsey, then I decided to get up because it wasn’t like I could really sleep in the sunlight lol. We chilled for a bit before everyone else got up, then eventually everyone got in to the lake to swim. We took our beds, the pool lounges, into the lake šŸ˜‰ and floated around. We basically lived on those things this weekend. Slept on them and swam all day on them. So yeah, floated around the lake. Lyndsey, Taylor & I decided to swim all the way to the other side on our pool lounge thingys, Taylor got there first. I was waiting in the middle for Lyndsey who was struggling to get back on to hers. LOL.

Taylor swam back pretty fast, but Lyndsey & I just floated back. We were floating seriously all day. I think we all got out for a bit at one point, like after lunch. Ryan and I both fell asleep on the chairs we were all sitting at and everyone else bailed and went back in the lake. I wasn’t asleep for very long, kind of just a snooze, and when I woke up again I realized everyone was back in the water, left Ryan there asleep & got in again too. It was too hot to sit there lol. Oh, by this time, everyone else had showed up too. Like everyone from every other gathering here I’ve mentioned haha. Everyone!

We were all SUPER burnt by the end of the day. It sucked. Had dinner and chilled for a bit, but we were all pretty quick to go to bed. It was like 9.30 and none of us wanted to be the first one to go to bed, so we kind of all just agreed to be lame and go sleep. LOL. So the 5 of us in our tent went back to sleep. All the adults and stuff stayed up though for longer drinking and what not. Lyndsey was first to fall asleep in our tent, Taylor & Whitley were talking allllllll night! They wouldn’t shut up lol. Lyndsey woke up & out of no where was just like “SHUT UP!!! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!” haha, win. I was listening to my iPod and my lack of sleep & all day swimming wore me out so I was pretty much asleep. But I was in and out of sleep though, like I wasn’t in a deep sleep, but I was asleep. Eventually closer to 1am when Taylor & Whitley shut up I managed to actually fall asleep.

This morning, Sunday, we got up, everyone eventually got up and then they made sausage, bacon & eggs for breakfast. I had cereal šŸ™‚ haha. Then instantly everyone jumped back in the water. Loaded up with sunscreen though, we were all already roasted. The water was cold this morning though, but eventually warmed up. My face was hurting so much, so I wasn’t in there for as long today. I was out after lunch, like I was done haha. It hurts to make any facial expressions, and my arms hurt. My legs on the front aren’t burnt, but the back is, cause I was laying on my stomach for most of the day on the floaty thing.

Someone came along and brought a boat & tube pull thingy, it was another of the Collums, I think Ted & Roberts sister? Anywhoo, they were giving people rides all day on the tube thingy, it was funny lol. I didn’t have a go, I was in too much pain! D: haha, another time I guess.

And yeah, this afternoon everyone packed up and went home and that was that. So now I’m showered and fresh, clothes in the wash, just wish I wasn’t this badly burnt! Need to cake on the aloe vera and go to bed at some point I guess. Fun fun. So yeah, that’s the blog!

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