Day 435

Woke up later than usual today, the thunder woke me up.

I went and had a look outside and it was raining and thundering and lighting, so I went back to bed to watch True Blood.

I watched quite a few episodes while I waited for the storm to pass. I’ve only got one more episode to go! Sad!

My face is peeling like mad today, and it sucks! I can’t stop peeling at it though, my bad. Tessa & Lyndseys faces are peeling too haha, sucky.

Anywhoo, I came down to Crysti’s after the storm passed, watched some TV. Watched Taxi, played zombies & hockey on the Xbox. Just the usual really.

Other than that, my face really hurts right now so I’m going to go to back to the house, shower, and go to bed! Night!

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