Day 437

Unfortunately I woke up at 8am today, so I made myself breakfast & watched the movie Never Let Me Go. It was interesting, and sad. It was about people raised to be ‘donors’ so they never get a normal life, like the movie the Island. And there’s a girl, her best friend, and the guy she’s in love with. Interesting & sad, not a bad movie though.

Then it was still early, so I watched Legends Of The Guardian, the movie about owls… I didn’t realize it was all Australian lol so that was a surprise. Was an average movie though.

Anywhoo, came down to Crysti’s & watched whatever movie Taylor was watching. Chill Factor, or something? I dunno. Then went back to the house to get something & put my laptop back.

Came back down, then later Crysti, Tessa & I went to Bobs. A deer ran out infront of us on the way back, Crysti noticed it though so she breaker kinda quick for it. All was good.

Had grilled cheese & soup for dinner. Laughed at something, oh Ryan & Taylor lol.

Watched the new tv show Wilfred. It has an Aussie guy from The Wedge in it as Wilfred. Wilfred is a dog, but the main guy doesn’t notice him as a dog, but as a person lol pretty funny.

And yeah! That’s that. Lyndsey’s been out with friends all day, so no zombies haha. Laters!

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