Day 438

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Forgot to wear my Canada flag around all day, figured I’d probably get my ass kicked though being in America.. LOL. I’ll just wear my USA flag on Monday for 4th July!

Anywhooo, I watched Blue Valentine this morning, then came down here to Crysti’s. Watched TV for awhile, played some Call of Duty with Lyndsey then with Taylor.

We all went into town when Kenny got home from work, Ryan was with us too. We went to CiCi’s for dinner, that was very entertaining. They had mac & cheese pizza, that just shouldn’t mix… Made fun of some weirdo people there, apparently you always see weird people there LOL.

By the end of the meal, there was food all over the table and in each others drinks.. It was hilarious. Good times good times.

After that we went to Walmart and I returned the fail DVD discs I tried to burn, and bought the Sucker Punch DVD! Then we all went to Kroger for grocery shopping. Shopping turned into messing around at Kroger, and it was hilarious. Taylor & Ryan kept doing things & posing for photos I kept taking of them LOL. This was the best one…

Funny funny.

After that we came home, unloaded all the groceries, and now I’m just doing this. I think we’re all going to watch Sucker Punch in a few minutes, then I guess I’ll go to bed! So yep! Night! Oh, and I really should just buy a digital camera, like an actual one, so I don’t have to use my phone all the time cause the battery is terrible……. But they’re expensive. And the cheapest one is a Kodak like my old one and has terribly shitty battery life.. D:

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