Day 439

This morning I watched Unstoppable, pretty good movie. I enjoyed it. After that I came down and chilled here at Crysti’s. Played Call of Duty with Lyndsey and Taylor. Apparently I’m pretty good at “wrecking” people with the sniper lol. Oh boy.

Brenda got here too this after noon, and then late in the afternoon we all went to the lake. I couldn’t be bothered swimming, so I chilled on the beach. Lyndsey didn’t swim very long either, she didn’t plan to swim when we got there lol so she went in with clothes haha.

After that we came home, started watching Scream but only got half way through cause it was dinner time. There was a snake on Brenda’s steps outside her place so Kenny and Taylor went up there, then Crysti went shortly after. We didn’t know what had happened though, we didn’t even know at the time it was a snake. So I was here at the house with Lyndsey & Tessa, we were about to get in the car and go drive up there too to see what was going on. But all was good. It was a copper head, but Kenny killed it.

Then had dinner, and some pineapple upside down cake. Om nom nom. Not much else really that I can think of right now haha. Ready for bed, think I might go up to sleep. Night!

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