Day 440

Morningg.. Woke up around 10 after going to bed last night at 4am..

Tried to lay there to get back to sleep but no luck. Came down to Crysti’s, later Call Of Duty with Lyndsey.

We all went to the cold pool this afternoon, it’s like another bit of a river thing, it’s fresh water I think. Like spring water? I dunno, but supposedly it’s super cold. I didn’t swim, obviously lol.

Came home, don’t remember what else we did. Tasha & Ron came up too, they’re going to spend a few days here I think.

Went back out to get some fireworks & go to Bobs. The firework stall was pretty cool lol wish they had that in Australia!

Later on Lyndsey, Tessa, Tasha, Brenda & I all sat at the table tonight colouring in colouring books with crayons lol so now there’s lots of drawings done haha. Crysti said she wants to hang them all up lol.

Had dinner, ’twas nice. Lots of Mac & cheese! lol. Now we’re watching The Green Hornet, then I guess off to bed. Night!

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