Day 441


Lyndsey stayed up at my place last night, cause Tasha slept in her bed & Taylor slept on the couch cause Ron slept in his bed. So this morning we came back down, played Xbox, played speed. Then I taught them all how to play bullshit, so we played bullshit for awhile. Very good! LOL. Crysti decorated a cake with an American flag on top for the 4th of July, it was a pretty cool cake. We ate it tonight too, so good! So while she made it we ate frosting LOL.

Tasha made cookies too, so we were eating cookies. They didn’t last long at all! I think I had one maybe two, all gone! So yummy! LOL. So that was seriously the whole day LOL. We blinked and it was already 8pm! Then we all  got ready, jumped in the cars and headed over to Moutain Harbor for the fireworks!

When we got there we went down to the dock where Crysti’s work crew was having a little gathering thing so there was food and stuff. So we ate there, then sat down on the dock and waited for the fireworks. Lyndsey and I needed to go to the bathroom so we set off to find one, and we were almost to the bathroom when the fireworks started. So we missed the first half I guess. But we watched it on the walk back down to the dock, then sat down and watched.

Kind of disappointed a bit by the fireworks, looks like there was some sale on the shitty lame sparkle fireworks that don’t go boom LOL cause they really over used it! But other than that it was good! The music was country…  lame. 😛  After the fireworks we hung around a bit more, tried to throw Tessa in 😛 Lyndsey had a sharpie and wanted me to draw a Dallas Cowboys star on her, I ended up drawing all over her arms and legs trying to draw the star right! LOL it’s not easy to draw a damn star! I ended up getting one right though on her hand thankfully LOL. After she was already covered in it.

Anywhoo, after that we all headed back to the house where we then had the cake, and then went outside to set off all the fireworks the kids bought last night! That was pretty cool, WHY DON’T WE HAVE FIREWORKS IN AUS! D: I want to go to a firework tent and buy lots of fireworks! So awesome lol, very jealous. Even the sparklers here are way cooler! They were all colourful and stuff!! There’s this little things called snakes or something, they’re like charcoal and you light them and they grow! They look like turds actually, not snakes, but still. Tessa gave me one roll of them to try and take back to Australia LOL. Good luck, we’ll see how far I get them! HAHA.

And now I’m writing this, and it’s 1.10am. Lyndsey and I are watching “Nighttime Programs For Baby” … it’s interesting LOL, and putting us to sleep! Taylor & Ron are outside still, and everyone else is asleep! So imma go to sleep too! Night!

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