Day 442


This morning Lyndsey & I came back down to the house, Crysti asked if I’d laid in Lyndseys bed at all, cause now Tasha has bites too. So we’re guessing it’s fleas from her bed. Yay!

Played bullshit & speed, chilled. Crysti & Tasha were making crepes for breakfast, and she’d forgotten about the cake in the oven she had stored in there overnight, the American flag cake, anywho, it kinda cooked again when they turned it on LOL.

Ryan came by in the afternoon, then we all went to Crystal Springs beach to go swimming before the storm rolled in. Lots of thunder & dark clouds, ended up passing us though.

When we were in the car about to go we were waiting for Brenda & there was a wasp trying to get in the car. Crysti & I were laughing at how desperate it was trying lol. I said “we may aswell take our belts off now cause it’ll get in!” Then Brenda finally got in & as I called it, it got in! We jumped out of the car SO fast. Crysti almost forgot to put the handbrake on LOL it was great. We ran fast!

Came back home eventually, not sure what we did. Played Xbox & stuff I guess. Had burgers for dinner & s’mores for dessert! Good fun. Now I’m here ready for bed, Tessa & Lyndsey are staying at mine so off we go! Night!

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