Day 444


Woke up way too early, then went back to sleep for a little bit. But by 11am, I couldn’t get myself out of bed, I had to really try! I was just sooo tired! Eventually got up & ate then came down to Crysti’s.

Didn’t really do much, watched some episodes of 8 Simple Rules. Never really seen it before. But the kid in it plays a young Sam Merlotte in True Blood! Haha! I spotted that one!

Played some speed & war with Lyndsey & Tessa. Went to Lyndseys basketball training this afternoon, so that was the majority of the day lol. Then stopped by Bobs and came home and that’s that!

Currently watching the first Harry Potter movie on ABC family. They’re playing the first five over the next few days so that’s my excitement haha. Found an awesome studio place in Worongary that’s at my price range! Perfect! Just can only hope it will still be available in August.. doubt it! 😦


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