Day 445


So last night I couldn’t get to sleep so I stayed up & wrote up a business plan lol.. business plans seem to be the thing these days, geesh! Then I couldn’t get to sleep because I kept thinking about that awesome place I found last night in Worongary. It’d be perfect for me I swear. No room mates! I just really want to know if it’s pet friendly! I’d want to rent it in a heart beat if it was! I think someone should just go look at it for me anyways, tell me what it’s like haha. I’m really curious about it! 😦 😦 too bad it’s available before I get home, I’ll miss out 😦

Kenny came home from work early, then Crysti came home from work, then we all went into Hot Springs. Well not Taylor, he’s still over at Ryans. So yeah, we went to Hot Springs. We went all over the place. Hung out in the mall first while they got new tyres on the car. Lyndsey and I bought ZOMBIE wristband things haha, pretty cool. To go with all our zombie killing on Call Of Duty 🙂 Then we had some free fortune cookies which just had discount things in them for the mall.

After that we went over to Old Navy, except Lyndsey & I went to Petco, and I may or may not have bought some things I really didn’t need. LOL. Just couldn’t help myself. I bought a little stuffed hedgehog thing that was on sale! And now when people ask about Hercules I can just show them that! 😀 I said I should buy a little pet cage & a wheel & put it in there LOL. Sad…

After that we went to another part somewhere cause they were going to Dick’s sporting place, and we went to PetSmart. PetSmart wasn’t as cool, not at all. Pretty lame really! At least Petco reminded me more of Tisol! Afterwards we went to Sams Club, I think that’s what it was called? This whole time we were trying to find roof racks for the car basically. No luck. I went over to AT&T to put monies on my phone too. We went to a few auto shops, and had Burger King for dinner. Got home around 9.30pm, big day! ‘Twas eventful ahaha, and fun, surprisingly.

It also bucketed down rain at one point. Lightning too. And someone set off two huge fireworks while we were sitting in the car outside one of the auto shops. There was a cloud tonight that looked like a my little pony thing, so I took a photo of that LOL. Can’t think of what else. I’m tired now haha, big day.

Anywhooo…. gonna go stare at this place I found in Worongary again for awhile… Night!

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