Day 446

Still never got an email back from those people about that house, makes me sad. But I know it is still available because Nicole was texting them yesterday for me asking if it was pet friendly & they said to give them a call to meet etc, but she had to inform them it wasn’t for her haha.

Anywhoo. Today was pretty bludgy for the day part, then in the afternoon we went over to Amie & Roberts for dinner. Hung out with all them for awhile. Went for a walk up the road with Whitley & Lyndsey to find this Basset Hound dog, the same dog which we saw down by the river a couple of weeks ago when we went floating! Same dog, dead set.

Spicy was with us too, that’s the Collum’s Aussie Cattle Dog mix, she’s a good dog. We named the Basset Hound Spartan, so Spartan & Spicy were walking with us. We passed by a horse that looked very unloved & majorly uncared for 😦 So I was patting it for awhile. Poor thing. It tried to eat my shirt. NOT MY CARNIVAL SHIRT. Silly horse… So then I backed away. Haha.

Shot some basketball, coloured in a large drawing of penguins, chilled. The average really lol. Then we came home & that’s that.

Feeling pretty tired & ready for bed… Laters!

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