Day 448

I managed to sleep in / lay in bed this morning until about 11.30, then I got up and made myself pancakes for breakfast cause I’m all out of milk to have cereal!

Came down to the house, only Taylor, Ryan & Whitley were here. So we chilled. Eventually Crysti came home from work, and Ryan & Whitley went home. Then we had to go out and take Taylor to football camp, and pick Lyndsey up from basketball camp. Both of their camps are only day time things, neither stayed over night. After picking Lyndsey up we went to Amie & Roberts to pick up Tessa.

Then we went to Bobs & Family Dollar, and then we came home. Pretty simple! Had dinner, & now watching the Wizards of Waverly Place movie with Tessa lol. Gotta be up early, so bed soon. Laters!

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