Day 449


I automatically woke up at about 6.30 this morning, even though I really didn’t need to be up until around 7.30. So I laid there for awhile, then got bored. So I got ready and came down to Crysti’s to talk to people online considering it was still only like not even 11pm!

Eventually the rest of the gang got up and we headed out just after 8 to Hot Springs to go to Lyndseys appointment. ‘Twas interesting. Tessa and I were entertained by one of the doctors rooms with lots of toys. We did a big puzzle thing and played connect four & uno lol. Win.

After that was all done we went to T.J Maxx, then over to Shoe Carnival, then I think we went to the Thrift store, followed by some store called Cato. Had lunch at Pablo Something something.. A Mexican place lol. It was nice. Afterwards I think we just came home, and we were all pretty tired then after being up so early. So I went back up to the house and slept for a few hours before coming back down later on. Had dinner, and now just chilling again. It’s super hot tonight actually. That’s what woke me from my nap! I was just sweating. Even though the air conditioning is super cool… Strange. Lyndsey says it’s really hot too. Weird.

Anywhoo, that’s that! Laters!

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