Day 450


I woke up to a text from Crysti this morning asking if I wanted to come along to Lyndseys basketball game… So I had to quickly jump up & get ready then come down to the house, and off we went!

We had to go out to Caddo, I think it was called… We got there for the second half of Lyndseys second game. They won! Then there was a bit of a break while the other teams played, and we had to walk over to another court thing where they played there again against another team…. Although they lost.

So after that we headed home. Stopped over at the insurance place so Crysti could get some car insurance. Then we came home. I went back up to the house & had some pancakes for lunch & watched the rest of Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. Came back down, chilled for a bit. Had dinner. And now just chilling again!

Anywhoo, that’s that. Night!

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