Day 451


Slept in nicely this morning, well needed. Got up & made pancakes for breakfast. Then I decided I should start trying to sort through all my crap to work out what to leave behind… But after hauling everything into the living room, I sat down and looked at it all… Then gave up. Just too much effort!!

So I got ready & came down to Crysti’s. Basically chilled all day. Watched the Sorcerers Apprentice on TV, then came back up to the house to make some food for lunch, and started watching Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Only watched about half an hours worth though, then I came back down to Crysti’s.

We went out to Family Dollar to get some stuff, then came home again. Now just chilling again! Wrote a list of things to pack for Wisconsin lol, I don’t really own much clothing wise… Oh well.

Anyways, might head back up to the house soon & either attempt to pack & sort or watch Harry Potter, who knows! Laters!

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