Day 454

Good evening!

Well to make up for my automated blog yesterday, the day seriously consisted of just driving really. We left just before 1pm and drove until after 11.30pm, that’s including stopping for lunch, and dinner. I was in the very back seat with Lyndsey & I set my iPod up underneath the headrest infront of us so it was like we had a little TV & we watched He’s Just Not That Into You. Then we got the laptop out & watched House Bunny until the battery died.

We ate at some place called Brums? or something like that for lunch, and Burger King for dinner.

We stayed over night at Broadway Motel just outside of Des Moines in Iowa. We went through Missouri on the way up too. The motel wasn’t too shabby, we got two rooms for a reasonable price I guess, Taylor & Chris shared a bed & Lyndsey & I shared another in one room while Crysti & Kenny shared & Tessa had a whole double bed to herself! lol go figure.

Anyways, back today!!

I unfortunately woke up at 5.30, thanks to my allergies. Everyone else got up sometime around 7.30 when Crysti texted us saying get up. We left shortly after & went by McDonalds for breakfast. Naturally, as always, they put meat on my egg & cheese mcmuffin. It really doesn’t matter how much I explain NO MEAT, they still fail. Sad.

Then we drove for awhile. Stopped at the Iowa welcome center for a toilet stop, which was actually pretty cool & neat. Hard to explain though.

Then we drove again for awhile, drove through Minnesota too, that was nice! The houses there were awesome. We stopped at this town called Durand, population 1,968! Not sure why I remember that from the sign I read of it lol. We had lunch there by the river, that leads into the Mississippi river. Nice lunch. Then we set off again!

I think we got here some time around maybe 5pm-ish? Settled in quickly & then everyone got in the water. It was too cold to swim, so I thought. So I didn’t get further than my legs lol. I hung around the dock & talked to Jan.

After that I decided I really wanted a shower so I went and took one. Then we ate dinner, and then set out on the party barge boat thingy for a “digestion cruise” around the lake. Did a bit of sight seeing around the lake. Saw an otter from a far, also apparently a beaver from way too far away. Saw some loons, which is what the Canadian $1 coin is, a loonie! Haha. Also saw the butchers place, or something. Supposedly some creepy butcher there where people go missing lol ghost stories.

Then we came back, sat around the fire, played this graveyard game lol where we ran around the house. I failed at it cause my ankle cracked or something, it hurt & I heard it! I just shouldn’t run. Ever.

Jodi, Kurt, Tessa & Lyndsey played the game ‘Sorry’ tonight, Taylor & I watched lol. Entertaining game.

Anywhoo, that’s that really. Might try & get some sleep now haha. Night!

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