Day 455


This morning was an early one, up around 7-7.30, but laid there until about 8.

We all had a really nice breakfast, French toast with their own maple syrup! Like Jan & Vic tap their maple trees & make their own, it was nice.

After that I think I played Sorry with Lyndsey & we did a puzzle of the USA. Then we went outside where almost everyone was swimming or kayaking. I was napping/resting on the party barge boat thingy. Super comfy and nice breeze, perfect! I’m not finding the weather hot enough to really want to just swim pointlessly, so I’m waiting for all the fun water stuff haha like white water canoeing later this week!

Played some other board games inside with Lyndsey cause it rained for a little bit. There’s so many board games it’s awesome lol. I owned her in Scrabble. Poor Lyndsey, Wheel has a H in it.. she didn’t believe me. Asked Tessa to spell it and she said the H! Silly Lyndsey, LOL.

We all played this game today, I’m not sure what its called but it was fun. You all get some money & what not right, we all used 3c each lol and you roll these special dice & pass the coins off to wherever the dice tells you. Winner gets all lol. Fun stuff haha.

Tonight we made home made pizzas which were really nice. They made the dough & everything. We had root beer floats too for dessert but I don’t like root beer so I had a coke one lol.

We all sat around & played bullshit, funny game lol. Then we all just talked and stuff for the rest of the night before everyone headed off to bed.

So that was the day in a nutshell. Again I’m the last one up, so off to bed I go. Night!

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