Day 456


This morning was another early one. I was laying here trying to sleep a bit more & Lyndsey came in and so I figured I’d get up.

Breakfast was nice, bagels & cream cheese. Never had that before but mmm! Yummy.

It was cloudy & windy today so it was kind of a laid back day. Played some board games, lounged around. The usual.

It’s Vic’s birthday today so we had a surprise party this afternoon for him. We had to get him out of the house to set it up so we made him take some of us fishing on the pontoon boat. That was a cool little outing on the lake, Lyndsey & Taylor both caught a fish too. When we came back it was all set up, he was surprised! It was good.

Lyndsey was fishing off the dock today too, she caught a little fish every damn time she casted it out! She called me down there again later & had a sad look, instantly I go “LOL where’s it hooked??” it was stuck to her shirt on the back. HAHA! It was grand. I died laughing.

We made cupcakes today for the party, they turned out great lol so yummy.

The party tonight was Mexican themed. There was a piñata too. That was fun! Vic hit it a few times then Tessa did & then I got to as well, that was awesome! Haha. Lyndsey went after me and finally broke it cause Tessa had cracked it before but I was hoping to keep it good for everyone else lol but the storm rolled in quick so Lyndsey got to finish it off haha.

So now everyones inside and riding out the thunderstorm. Good fun. Not much else really. Kind of tired now haha. Figured I’d blog now in case the power goes out, not that it will I think the most has passed us now. But anyways, laters!

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