Day 457


Woke up around 6.30, but refused to get up so I laid in bed until around 8.30. Pretty much everyone else was up by then too so I came down & had egg & cheese on a bagel, it was really nice!

Lyndsey still hadn’t got out of bed yet, so Taylor & Tessa & I went down there, pulled her out of bed & yelled “BURN!” ahahaha it was great. It was perfect lol. She wasn’t pleased!

We all went to Kurt’s property this morning, it’s so awesome, he built this huge crazy tree house thing out in the middle of the woods of his property. It’s like bush walking to get to it, and then it’s seriously way high & it’s soo awesome. Think George of the jungle basically! Spiral stairs up to it, rope railings, it’s great. Its like a big tent thing up there to stay in, it now has 2 beds & a little wood burning fire place thingy. It was so cool, dead set. Amazing.

Later on, Kurt took Crysti, Tessa & Kenny out sailing. I was going to go sailing that time cause I haven’t done it yet but the wind today was CRAZY so I decided to wait until its a bit calmer before I try it. So off they went, and we took the pontoon boat out following them. Along the way to our destination, the wind got hectic & the sail boats mast thingy broke off. HAHA. Okay, I shouldn’t laugh but isn’t it just ironic, Crysti did tell me it would be a hell of a ride in this weather, and was it ever. Kind of regret not going haha.

They’re lucky we were following them in the pontoon, so we could get them & tow the boat back. So we towed it back then set off AGAIN to go to the middle of the lake somewhere where it’s super shallow like a sand bank island thingy.

I didn’t want to swim of course, so I didn’t get in. But eventually got attacked by water guns & I was fighting back! Smashing Taylor with a pool noodle thing too lol. I was basically already soaking wet but wasn’t giving in that easily.

Eventually Taylor got me to the front of the boat & was trying real hard to push me in. I was clinging on for my life, even trying to hold on to the side lol. but eventually fell in 😦 Everyone cheered 😦 haha.

So I was in. Swam around a bit. The end. Came home and showered, had dinner. Which was ribs, and Vic kept insisting I should just give up the vegetarian thing, or just let it slide for the night & eat a rib cause they’re “so good”. Pssht, good try. Won’t happen! Haha.

Then we had s’mores outside by the fire, Kurt was telling scary stories & Craig came up behind me, Lyndsey & Taylor & scared the crap outta Lyndsey. LOL. It was great.

Afterwards we played an epic game of ghosts in the graveyard. Kurt invited the neighbors to come play with us too so that was fun. Next door is an ‘abandoned’ house, it’s nice though! Lol but it kinda is abandoned. Anyways, that was good stuff. Everyone jumped in the lake after for a night swim. Figured I would too cause I was sweaty but by the time I got my swimmers on everyone was getting out & walking back up 😦 haha just my luck.

So yeah, that was the day! Goodnight!

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