Day 458

Good evening!

Oh, by the way before I continue, I forgot to mention yesterday we also went to this place where it’s like local wildlife etc and it’s free, you just come in & check out some of the turtles & snakes etc & they tell you heaps about the state and area it was cool. We also got to hold a fox snake too, it was cool. We had to catch bugs outside also to feed to the turtles lol that was awesome to watch them attack the bugs haha.

Anywhoo, today we went floating on a river here in canoes. Jan & Vic stayed home with the baby so there was 10 of us out, with 4 canoes. Canoes were.. me, Lyndsey & Craig in one, Kurt, Taylor & Tessa in another, Crysti & Jodi in another, and Chris & Kenny in the last one.

The river we were floating on had rapids, so that was cool! On the first really easy & small rapids, Crysti & Jodi flipped haha, so after that I thought okay so it’s super easy to flip a canoe haha. I wasn’t concerned though, I thought it would be kinda fun.

The rapids were fun, at one point after some big rapids you cant get the boats down to the shore & walk back up and float down the rapids on your own! That was cool! We had our lift jackets thankfully, and you had to lay/sit in with one foot out front and one covering your butt lol. Even doing that method I hit EVERY DAMN ROCK on the way down. And they weren’t small at all, these were pretty hectic rapids too lol.

But it was fun, so we did it way too many times. Every time even though I knew were the big rocks were I just couldn’t do anything about them! I hit one rock really hard on my side and now I’ve got a nice bug graze cut thing on my side lol. War wounds! Super fun though, so worth it.

We stopped at a little point place for lunch too. Oh and they were fishing along the way. They all caught quite a few fish, like 14-15 inches they each were apparently. Lyndsey failed though & caught nothing, nor did I when I tried twice.. lol.

But yeah, I like floating. I think I like canoeing. I want to try kayaking sometime I think, I feel it would be easier? Can you take a dog kayaking?? I think I need to find some places to do these things in Australia…

So that was pretty much the day today. Good fun. Played bolo tonight, me & Kenny vs Lyndsey & Chris. We won! Haha. Also beat Lyndseys butt in scrabble. Other than that, we ate dinner & yeah.

Tomorrow is our last full day here 😦 sad stuff. It’s been fun. Off to sleep now, night!

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