Day 459


Today began as a slow day. I was up early as but didn’t leave the bed until about 8.30. We basically lazed around all morning. Okay, well Lyndsey & I did anyways.

Later on we played Scrabble with Chris. Then we went out to the camp fire where it was a ‘make your own’ lunch thing on the fire. That was cool. It was like pizza pocket things that were cooked in these square or round little things. I don’t even know how to explain it, but they turned out great!

After lunch we headed out to Chippewa Falls, I think? Where we went to the Leinenkugel beer brewery to do the factory tour. It was interesting to learn how beer is made and what not.

After that the adults all got a free sample thing so they got to try a few kinds, we got coke lol. There was also cheese samples. And oh my god, amazing cheese! I died twice for it!

After the brewery, we went to Kurts house in Eau Claire. He has a really nice house. We went from there to a little cafe ice cream place where we all had ice cream, then two cars headed home while one stopped to get the pizzas.

When we got home Taylor wanted to go kayaking so I went along with him cause I was really keen on trying it. So off we went. We went for like an hour or so, it was fun. I liked it. Totally thought I would tire out though and we planned how to tow me in that case but I did just fine lol It was cool. We went over 2 miles apparently!

Then we came back & had pizza for dinner. And then we chilled. But now Taylor, Lyndsey & I are going to stay in Kurts tree house! No chickening out! LOL! This will be interesting. No power, no water or bathrooms, nothing. Just bears! LOL! So wish us luck, off we go!

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