Day 460

So last night at around 11pm Kurt and Crysti dropped Lyndsey, Taylor & I over to the tree house to spend the night there alone!

We walked down the trail with our flash lights, avoiding the big fallen tree, someone has to hold it up for people to walk under lol. Kurt & Crysti basically just walked us in & then left us haha.

It was fun. There was a really annoying bug though by my wall outside really loud lol I kept trying to hit the wall to make it go away but ugh. Also the bull frogs were really loud. Didn’t hear or see no bears tho ;(

Kurt came and got us at 6.30 this morning, then we came back to the house, had breakfast, packed our stuff into the car, tried to take some group photos lol then said our goodbyes to Jan & Vic & set off.

We followed Kraig & Jodi to somewhere I don’t remember it’s name, but it was a cheese curds place to buy fresh cheese curds. I tried them, and didn’t really like them… I think I definitely prefer aged cheese lol.

Anywhoo, said goodbyes to them, and then continued on over to the Mall of America! That place is INSANE. Huge. Just crazy lol. It’s got a theme park in it, and an aquarium, and so many stores, just crazy. Awesome though!

We were there for a few hours, I got a pretzel lol. I liked the lego store, it was pretty cool. Eventually we left there & set off again en route home.

We stopped at a McDonalds somewhere along the way, and then drove straight the rest of the way until about 11.30pm where we ended up in Huntersville? I think it’s called that. We’re all ready for bed now thankfully, I’m super tired. Even though I slept most of the way in the car haha.

So yep, that’s that. More driving tomorrow, tiring. Night!

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