Day 461

Ohey. Now I know this post is late, and I apologize! But the internet is out at Crystis so I had no choice 😦 funny tho I kept it going perfect with our week away, come home and mess it up haha.

Anyways, today was spent driving the rest of the way home. I said Huntersville in my post yesterday but it was actually Harrisonville. My bad. Lyndsey also slapped me a few times in her sleep. She’s crazy to sleep next to, my god. LOL.

We got free breakfast at the hotel, basically a waffle & stuff. Not bad. Then we set off. I tried to sleep in the car, didn’t work out great lol. But in the end I napped for a bit I guess.

We had lunch at a diner somewhere in Arkansas. It was very small, olden & awkward lol. But the food wasn’t all that bad. They actually had really good mozzarella sticks!

When we got home Pepper was super excited, poor thing. That’s pretty much it for the day anyways so you didn’t miss all that much haha. Laters.

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