Day 464


Today Crysti, Tessa, Lyndsey, Whitley & I went into Hot Springs. I was trying to exchange some of my Canadian money into USD, but apparently that’s pretty hard to do here! Pain in the butt…

Anyways, then we went over to T.J. Maxx, well Crysti did, we went to Shoe Carnival where I got some Converses for Kahni. Then we met Crysti in Office Depot.

After that we went to Walmart where we walked all over the store haha. Whitley & Lyndsey are hard to keep a leash on in public…. Crazy kids. But I bought a bunch of stuff to make lasagna one night for everyone, but I forgot the damn ricotta cheese! Also bought some new socks, yay. LOL. And yep, that’s it really. Oh, a new tooth brush! Haha.

Tonight we basically had breakfast for dinner, it was awesome. Biscuits, hashbrowns, eggs, and orange juice! Oh and I guess sausage and bacon, but not for me lol. But yeah, funny stuff haha. Made cookies with Lyndsey again, except she’s burnt the first two lots already, what a fail…. I blame Whitley!

Anywhoo, that’s the day really, laters!

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