Day 465


So this morning I physically couldn’t wake up, I just wanted to lay there forever. Felt so tired! Don’t even know why. Hoping it’s not the mono! Haha.

Anyways, had breakfast/lunch then came down here to Crysti’s. Didn’t really do too much, watched some TV. Then we went out to drop Taylor to football training/workout thingy. On the way it was pissing down rain, like seriously so heavily. We stopped at Shirleys and waited awhile before it calmed down a bit then headed off again.

While Taylor was there we went to Bobs & Family Dollar, picked up a few things. Sat in the car for a little bit, and  by the time we did all that, Taylor was ready to be picked up again. We also ended up picking Chris up from wherever he was in town.

Came home, chilled. Had dinner. Accidentally elbowed Tessa under her eye, totally accidental I swear. I was picking up my laptop and as I turned around BAM she was right there. LOL. She’s got a little bit of a bump above her cheek now, it’s all good though 😛

Anyways, I’m feeling really tired and all again, think I’ll head up and go to bed now. Night!

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