Day 466

This morning I decided to do a ‘fake pack’ and I packed all my crap, laptop & all, pretending I was leaving. I managed to make it all fit into two bags! But my carry on might still be a bit of an issue.. but we can hope for the best right?

Played Xbox with Lyndsey today, ate some pretzels I bought. Like frozen ones that you heat up. I still prefer the cinnamon ones over salt any day!

Tonight after Kenny came home we all headed out to Hot Springs, Taylor needed some new shoes for football. So we went to Shoe Carnival first, no luck, then off to the mall to look there. He found a pair, Lyndsey & I went to look at Hot Topic & Spencers, then back and we all went to Sears to look at dishwashers cause theirs died.

No luck there, so we went to Lowes. They found one there, ordered it, then we headed over to the World Buffet for dinner. I ate way too much, I feel very full. But it wasn’t bad!

Then we went by Walmart, I finally got the book i’ve been meaning to get. So that was good lol. Then after that we just came home.

Crysti ran over an armadillo on the way home! Sounded terrible! So gross. Stuck in my head LOL.

Anywhoo, I’m tired now. Gonna go home & sleep. Night!

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