Day 468


I woke up early this morning, I finished my book last night so I was bummed. I need to get the next two soon! I’m excited to read them LOL. Also very keen on seeing the movie now.

I did some washing and cleaning up today too, turns out I make quite a mess making vegetarian lasagna…… Go figure!

I came down here at some point in the morning, everyone was having breakfast, and then around 1pm or so we headed off en route to Cossatot falls, I think that’s what it was called. It was about a 2 hour drive away. When we got there, it was raining, so we waited a  few minutes for it to ease up before starting the hike down to the water.

There was so many rocks! So you seriously had to be a mountain goat to get there lol, so we jumped around for ages before finding a nice spot. I hadn’t planned on swimming, but as I was walking across some rocks, Lyndsey says “Are you gonna go in?” And right that second, I fall super hard on my thigh/butt and fell in the water. 😦 LOL. I’m sure it was pretty funny. My first reaction was.. “WELL NOW I AM I GUESS.” ahaha. It really hurt my leg though! I had like an instant bruise. I couldn’t straighten my leg for a bit either, coming back across the rocks like hiking back to the car was effort cause it hurt! Pretty funny stuff though.

We swam there for a bit then, and there was a high part you could climb up and jump off, we wanted to do it but we had Tessa and we were waiting for Crysti, Kenny & Chris or one of them to come join us to watch Tessa while Taylor, Lyndsey & I went up, but they never came. So unfortunately we never got to do it 😦

Eventually Chris came and told us to come back, so we went back to eat a really late lunch, t’was nice.  Kenny wasn’t feeling well so we left after that instead of going back out. We weren’t even sure we were too keen on hiking all the way back to that spot anyways, it was difficult. LOL.

Anywhoo, drove the long drive home, and here we are. Played Xbox with Lyndsey, ate some leftover lasagna. And just chilling now. Might head to bed soon. Laters!

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