Day 470


Last night consisted of pretty much no sleep at all. It was a delight, totally. Needless to say, super tired today!

Jazz got dropped off today so she was spending the day with us!

Anyways, we went to Whataburger for breakfast/lunch. So I had a bunch of fries! After that we headed over to the science museum. It was cool, but much smaller than expected.. was expecting them to have much more and stuff, but oh well.

We went and saw an IMAX show too, never been in the IMAX thing before so it was cool. Although I was soo tired I kept drifting off to sleep through the show 😦

Anywhoo, afterwards we came home, then headed out to the store Ross. Came back, then all headed to the park for a bit. The sand from the volleyball area made me really sick, it hurt to breathe. No one else was bothered though.

And yeah, that was the day really. Going to watch some more of Harry Potter 7 part 1 now. Night!

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