Day 471

What a long day!

Woke up around 9am, I think? I’m not even sure. We got up and played some Xbox Live for a bit, that was fun lol. Then we all got ready and we headed out to a big mall! No where near as big and epic as Mall of America, but it was pretty big.

We basically spent all day there. Browsing. Basically looking for shoes for Lyndsey. LOL. She eventually found a pair, which I really like too… Still considering whether or not I should get some too haha.

What else… Oh, came home and had pizza for dinner. Then headed out again to go to Borders, and this make up store, and Walgreens. Still couldn’t find what I was looking for at Borders unfortunately 😦 They have it, but I don’t want hard cover. Too heavy!

And that’s the day really. Keep stealing Lyndsey’s new shoes to wear around. I like them, but I don’t know. LOL. Anywhoo! Night!

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