Day 475


Okay okay, so the last week of the blog – has been a bit of a lie. Really I came down to Dallas on the Monday afternoon, and spent the week there. Everything I did though was the truth, just in Texas, not Arkansas :). However! Crysti & co left me behind and went home Thursday afternoon, after the water park. So yeah! That’s that!

Anyways! Saturday night US time, I departed North America :(. I was supposed to fly out at 10pm, but we flew out a bit later due to “excessive cabin heat”. But all was good though.

On the plane I watched Hall Pass, The Adjustment Bureau, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Sleeping Beauty – but not the original what you think movie, it’s an Australian version, starring Emily Browning. And it’s actually really weird, DEFINITELY not for kids. Quite weird to be honest, I didn’t get most of it. LOL.

I slept a bit too, more than usual on a plane. So that was good. I arrived in Brisbane at about 5.30am, got my bags, cleared customs, and then got stopped by the quarantine dogs. Apparently my bag smelt funny. All was good though! And off I went!

Dad picked me up at the airport, we got some toast there and he got a coffee thing, I had water. Then we headed back to the Gold Coast, where we first had to go to Surfers so he could drop off all these speaker things to his guys to set up in a club. This was like 7 something in the morning. So then afterwards we went by his place, to say hi to Gizmo. Gizmo doesn’t remember me though 😦 So that was sad. He pretty much was just eh about me, didn’t remember me! 😦 Sad! He’s fat now too! LOL.

Anyways, then we came to Mum’s house. They had Jazz waiting for me. She remembered me 🙂 What a good girl. She’s definitely looking MUCH older though, and much fatter. 😦 Poor thing. But hey, at least she remembers me!

Kahni didn’t stay long at school, she came home around 10.30 so she could drive in her car with me, she was concerned for the car. I was doing fine though! We went to Robina, sorted out my bank stuff, then went to Vodafone to sort out a phone, but Mum had to come down and sort it out instead cause I couldn’t. Unlucky.

After that I found out Mel started work at 3.30, so we awkwardly went down there and asked if they could tell her she had to come in earlier, so that I could surprise her! And they did! They did it perfectly, told her to come in an hour earlier cause they were understaffed or what not. It was great! So while we waited for her, we went and picked up Lukas from his house. This is also the first time I met him lol.

Then we went back to Robina, and waited at Mel’s work! I hid down behind this little mini wall thing, and she came in and Kahni called out to her, and she looked over, and I popped up! At first her look was kind of pissed off looking, it was so funny. Priceless really! Anyways, she covered her face and RAN out the back somewhere! LOL. Everyone was like 😐 Um… But then she came running back out screaming like a mad man! She was shaking like crazy, and almost crying it looked like LOL. She was having a major heart/panic attack! MY BAD! Mission was successful though 😉

Afterwards, Leanna was walking by Mel’s work, as she always does after her work and looked in to see if she saw Mel. Then she noticed me and though “Hey, that looks like Jess James………….IT IS JESS JAMES!!” So in comes Leanna, looking almost stunned, and I was like Ohey! LOL. She even touched me to make sure I was actually really there, HAHA. So we hung with those two there for a bit.

Then Leanna headed off to do some things, and we headed off to Gloria Jeans, where I got a Tim Tam drink! So good! LOL missed those! Checked out the new bowling/arcade/laser skirmish area, not bad! Then we went back to drop Mel off at work, and set off on to Big W!

Victoria was working, so I went up and said hey to her and everyone else. LOL. They were a bit confused to see me at first, but everyone said welcome back and stuff. Yep. Cause I so want to be back! HAHA! Anyways, found Leanna again, and then we went off to the car to drive over to KFC so we could go surprise Eryn. Eryn wasn’t there though! She didn’t finish at 5, she STARTED at 5. So instead we went to her house, which is on the way to the IGA anyways.

So we stopped at Eryn’s, Leanna is her best friend too btw. So Leanna and I walked in there. Eryn was pretty surprised. LOL. “But…. She’s supposed to be in America!!” LOL. Her parents seem pretty cool too lol! After that Kahni & I dropped Lukas at work, and then headed home.

Eventually I sorted out a plan with Nicole’s dad on how to surprise Nicole. So I went over there and parked down the street. They were all in on it which was good, so I walked in the door and her mum was talking to her down in her room so I came down the hallway and poked my head around the corner and just went “hey!” LOL. She froze for a minute, stared at me. Kind of shocked and freaked out I think LOL. Then she went and walked to the other side of the room like “oh my god!” LOL. It was classic. I think she was crying? LOL. Nicole… were you crying? HAHA. 😛 Funny.

Her parents welcomed me back too! And I had dinner with them. It was nice. Met Barney, what a funny dog lol. And yeah! I hung out there for a bit, until I started feeling really tired so I figured I’d be best to head home then before I fall asleep or fell asleep driving. So I came home, parked, and came inside. Then Kahni tells me I need to go get Lukas, so… Again, off I went!

I did also tell Mel I’d pick her up from work tonight, but that’s at 11.30pm, but I’m really tired already and yeah, don’t want to be a risk driving that way, so I texted her sister now her mum’s going to pick her up again. I would have liked to, but not tonight. Another time!

So yeah, that’s that. Going to shower now, probably wash some clothes, then head off to bed! Laters!

    • erynnnnnnn
    • August 18th, 2011

    reading this made me really happy.
    just saying. :’D

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