Day 477

Got up around 6 this morning, too early. Chilled until maybe 11-11.30? Headed over to Mel’s place, said hi to her Mum, spoke to them for awhile, and her sister Kathryn! AND the dog 🙂 Haha.

After that Mel and I went and got some petrol for the car, Mel’s never done it before so she did it. She stopped exactly on $20 too! No cents over at all! She was very proud of herself. LOLOL.

Then we headed down to Nerang! Went to Rhianna’s parents house, her sister Michelle was the only one home so we hung out with her for awhile until Rhianna showed up. Mel & Michelle are friends too by the way. Anywhoo! They’d just gotten a cattle dog puppy too! Ally! She’s super cute! She’s red though, I want blue lol. But yep, she’s so little, and oh-so cute. I tried to steal her!

ANYWAYS! When we spotted Rhianna’s car, Michelle & Mel shoved me in a box, with a blanket over the box LOL. Rhianna came in and was told to open it. “I’m scared. What if I don’t like it?!” LOLOL. Eventually she opened it. She kind of stared at me, very confused, until she realized. LOL. It was quite funny really. SURPRISE!

So we hung out there a  bit longer, but I had to get home to go look at a car, so Mel and I left, I dropped her home, headed home myself. Then we all left here to go look at this car, however on the way he sold it. Unlucky. 😦 So there goes that car, and the afternoon. We just went back home then.

Went out for dinner tonight, Thai. Ick lol. On the way back went through McDonalds, of course! Erin was working! So I went and said hi to her lol. Just need to see their dad & I’ve seen their whole family today! Haha!

Anyways, super tired again. I can’t believe it’s only 9.50pm. It honestly feels like 1am, at least. 😦 Going to sleep now! Night!

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