Day 478

Today was such a long day, it feels like two days, at least!

Started off early, up at 6 again, can’t help that. Rhianna picked me up at 10 and we headed over to Robina, we were meeting Pat at 11, so we walked around for awhile, trying to think of something to get Rachels baby, that was a tough thing to do! Clearly we’re not ready for all these children. LOL.

Then we went down to Max Brenners to wait for Pat, but his bike broke down so he couldn’t make it. It was a surprise too, he didn’t know I was there either, we tried to surprise him but he sucks haha. So instead we went over to Grill’d cause Mel was working, Rhianna got a burger and we talked to Mel for a bit. Then Rhianna decided she was going to surprise Pat today one way or another, so we drove over to his house, but he wasn’t there – he was with his brother then. He said he was on his way home, so we decided to wait. A few minutes later, he calls back and says how he just isn’t supposed to get this surprise, because his brothers car broke down! FAIL. So we gave up and left LOL.

Rhianna dropped me home, then I had to head out to Burleigh to surprise Paige, Alex and Abbey were in on it so I had to call Alex to work out where the hell I was going to hide to surprise her, but we eventually worked it out and it wasn’t much of a hiding spot, but hey, it worked. Paige freaked, she was very shocked. LOLOL. It was pretty funny. So I talked to them for a bit, before Alex had to head off to go to work so they all had to go, and I then headed down to Nerang.

First I went by Grandma’s place, I went in and visited her. We talked for awhile. That was good. She’s not very happy with people though at the moment haha. Anyways! Then I went over to Angie’s place. She’s sick at the moment so I knew she’d be home. I rang the door bell and her dad was on the phone but he walked to the door and I was like shhh…! So he nodded and let me in lol. Then I walked around the corner, and Angie was coming out of the bathroom and she freaked out, big time. You could just see her struggling to breathe too cause she’s sick LOL. And I made it worse. She had to go get her inhaler! MY BAD. I come back and I kill her, whoops. But no, she was fine lol. She said it felt like she saw a ghost. HAHA.

Anywhoo, I hung out there for a bit, and we went and got Erika from the bus stop, and Erika freaked out too when she saw us pull up and I was in the car :P. Then we went back to their house for a bit, then went out again to drop Erika off at her friends. After that I had to get home so I left.

I ended up not having to take Kahni to Robina, so instead I headed over to Pac Fair cinemas where the staff and stuff had planned a Glee flash mob type thing, to celebrate the Glee release today. So that was cool. Mel was there, with Matt, her boyfriend. He’s cool, I approve lol. Couple of other people were there that I haven’t seen in awhile. Natalie came along too! I didn’t get to see her the other night, she was in Brisbane when I went to Nicoles! But yeah, I saw her tonight. And Nick! And some other people too haha.

We went and saw the Glee 3D movie, it was good! It was like the live concert thing, pretty sweet. I feel like watching Glee now. Great show haha, and good movie. Wish I’d seen their concert!

After the movie we went down to Intencity cause they wanted to do the photo booth thing and play Guitar Hero, so they all did that. Eventually half of the group headed over to the casino I think, while Mel, Matt & I decided to head home. Actually I think those two went to Hungry Jacks lol, I came home! I’m super tired, damn jet lag. I’ve never had jet lag before, not really anyways. I guess it’s cause I lived there for so long this time. Ah well.

Anywhoo! Such a long day, I’m definitely ready to sleep. Night!

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