Day 479

Woke up super early again. Waited around until about 10.30 when Mum and I were supposed to go look at a car, but when Mum rang the guy to double check we could go over he was like “Oh, I got rid of that yesterday. The head gasket blew up, it’s a write off. You don’t want this car.” …………So there goes that. I’m just having such luck with finding a car!

Anywhoo, I didn’t really have plans for the day, so I hung around all day. Played some Band Hero, that was fun lol. Not much else really.

Dropped Kahni off at work this afternoon, then came home and Grandma was here, she brought dog bones & an onion for me to try sleeping with in the room haha……. I’ll try it tonight Grandma.

We talked for awhile, then she headed home. I made myself some food and watched some TV. TV is so weird now here! All these crazy new channels lol. Sucks you need the damn digital box or digital TV though, sigh.

Anyways, I’m going to go pick Kahni up soon, but I’m about to fall asleep so I decided to blog now instead of later so I can just go straight to bed once I get back. Night!

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