Day 480

This morning Victoria came by and picked me up and we went over to Robina to buy a few things. She was getting whatever she needed, and I was just tagging along really. I ended up buying Weet Bix! Yay! How exciting. LOL. I also had to buy some oats for the dogs breakfast, and I got Pods! Yum! And Crumpets! Haha, spoiled myself..

Anyways, got back home again around like 10.30, then I fed the dogs their oats and tuna, how gross lol. Rhianna came by then to pick me up, her and her 9 month old border collie, Cruz. We went to the Nerang pet store cause she needed to get him a new leash and some treats. Then we headed over to her parents house to pick up her little sister and her friend, and her parents new little like 15 week old (or something) cattle dog puppy! Then we all headed out to this dog park in Benowa.

Turns our Rhiannas dog is the shyest thing you’ll ever meet. I’ve never seen a dog more scared of everything, ever. Not sure why he’s like that, Rhianna’s not sure either, but he’s quite the pansy. At the pet store I was walking him in and he refuses to cross roads, he freaks out around cars actually. And the automatic door to go inside the store, he refused to go inside. He’s just so shy!

We didn’t stay at that dog park too long, we ended up going to Q store and getting fish & chips and stuff, then going over to the dog park/course thing on Robina Parkway. Ally, the cattle dog, is much too small to be doing the course, and she’s quite aggressive too for a puppy. She wants to pick fights with everyone, crazy dog. Cruz is just way too scared and shy to do the course. It was quite an embarrassing attempt. I honestly took a video of Rhianna trying to get Cruz to do a jump. They both run up to it, she jumps it, and he just slams into it and stops there, and rests his head on the jump. He did it a couple of times, like actually slowly getting up and over it. But wow, he’s quite the strange little fella…

Anyways! Rhianna dropped me home after all that, and I wasn’t home for that long when Angie and Erika rang asking if they could come hang out for awhile, so they came over. We chilled for a bit. Then Kahni and Lukas had to be dropped off to work, so Angie drove us all over in her car. They got some food at McDonalds too while we were there. Then we came back home. Weren’t here for long before deciding to go back over there, we wanted to try “coning” – only if Kahni was working on the drive thru. The plan was  Erika would get it and slam it into her forehead and act like a unicorn. LMAO. But alas, Kahni wasn’t on drive thru, so we just took the ice cream normally and left 😦 Such a fail.

They had to head home after that, and that’s about it for the day. I fed the dogs, and now I’m laying here ready to fall asleep. But I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be getting Kahni or if she found some other way home. Ugh. Anywhoo, night!

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