Day 481

I had to drop Lukas & Kahni off at work this morning, nice and early. Left here around 7.30. Kahni got me some cheap food though, customized too. An egg mcmuffin, with cheese, a slice of tomato, and ketchup. Om nom nom. Very good, very good. They forgot to give me the hashbrown though, Kahni was like “Ugh! I hate them! They suck!” LOL. It’s her own work, her own co-workers! Pretty funny.

Anyways.. I really didn’t do much all day, I honestly just looked for cars, houses, and jobs. My eye was hurting pretty bad today so I just tried to not irritate it anymore,  but I guess I must have. Cause it was hurting all day.

Picked Kahni up from work again at 3, then Mum, Monte & Jordy came home around 6.30 from their weekend in Bundaberg. Mum drove Kahni & I over to Maccas, again. She was getting coffee, and Kahni & I got Subway for dinner.

And yep! Pretty average day really. Tomorrow I’ve got a list of things to do and get done, so we’ll see how that goes LOL. Laters.

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