Day 483

Blogging on time this time, okay? 😮 Not that anyone noticed. LOL

Anyways. Had to go to the doctors this morning about my eye, still not sure what the problem is with it. First it was thought a blocked tear duct, but when I said I hadn’t had any problems in Canada, which you’d think I would if it was a blocked tear duct, we decided it must be linked with my other allergies & adenoids problem haha. So we’re just going with that option.
Had a job interview this afternoon too for Dreamworld. It was a bit awkward at first, cause apparently there was no 1.30pm interview. But in the end, we had an interview. Hopefully that went well!

Tonight I met Mel, Matt, Kathryn, & Tom at Gloria Jeans. Then their friend Toran came by too. So we all chilled there, talked, caught up. Funny stuff haha.

I got an email back from this lady today who I’d emailed about a puppy she was fostering. He’s a border collie x cattle dog. Oscar! Except I’d call him Dexter. He’s 11 weeks old this friday. He’s been listed online since he was 8 weeks old, and still no one at all except for me has shown interest in him… Does he have a face only a mother could love?!

I need a job RIGHT NOW, so that I can find a place to live.. RIGHT NOW. So that I can go adopt him asap! 😦

Quick! Someone give me a god damn job!

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