Day 485

Angie made me drag myself out of bed today cause she needed to be picked up from Runaway Bay, and taken back to her place in Nerang. Ugh! So I got up, got ready, and on the way decided to swing by and pick up Nicole so I could bring her along. Thankfully I did though, because right after I left Nicoles with her – Angie texted and said it’s okay, her dad showed up! So I would have almost been there if I didn’t go get Nicole!

So we turned around, went back to Nicole’s house. Hung out there for awhile! It was fun haha, even though we just chilled and talked. Natalie had Nick & Stephen over, and Stephen ended up breaking the lock on Nick’s car cause he pulled the key out too quick, while it was sideways or something lol. Silly.

Around 2pm or so Nicole & I left and headed over to Pacific Pines to go see Rachel and her new baby, Aliyah. She’s so little! We held her too haha, while she slept. Naw. Another of Rachels co-workers came by too with her two young kids, and then she asked us if seeing the baby made us feel clucky at all. I was like “no… I want a puppy.” LOL.

Anywhoo, we left there about 4.45 or so, I had to drop Nicole off at James’ place in Coomera, which wasn’t that far from Rachel’s. Then I had to head on home. Picked Kahni up at Maccas and then went on to Burleigh to go have dinner with Dad & Robbie at Montezumas!

Had a nice dinner, and then came home… Asked Jordy about his school and the planking world record they did today, we asked him to show us how he planks. LOLOL. So he got on the floor and planked, pretty funny… and that’s that! Laters!

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